Updating Registry Records

How to Update Your Dog’s Records

The English Shepherd Club Registry database is more than just a depository of English Shepherd pedigrees. This is where you, as the owner, can help preserve your dog’s information for the future. There are a number of things that can be submitted and recorded.

  1. Coat color and markings
  2. Tail length
  3. Height and weight
  4. Intact or spayed/neutered
  5. Microchip data
  6. Date of Death – The cause of death can be recorded as well.
  7. Photographs – Up to nine photos can be displayed on your dog’s database information page. This can be changed so current photos are posted.
  8. Health Information – Copies of any health tests or diagnoses will need to be submitted.
  9. Occupations – What sort of work does your dog do? This ranges from being a companion to working livestock.
  10. Activities – Does your dog participate in sports or herding, search and rescue, therapy work? Has your dog earned any titles that you would like to have recorded?
  11. Owner’s description – This is where you can describe your dog.

Information may be submitted here.