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Seal (Black & White Variation)

When born, seal pups may appear to be black or a “chocolate” color. Keep an eye on the black puppies. As they grow older, you may start to see some brown hairs under their tails, next to the anus. This is usually a hint of things to come. It may take five or six weeks for you see other changes. Look for a lighter crescent marking around the eyes, sable coloring across the shoulders and possibly over the top of the head, between the ears. Sometimes all you will see is the highlights showing up in the coat in the sunlight.

Historically, seal pups were most often registered as black and white pups


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Identifying puppies as being seal colored.

Look for the crescent markings around the eyes.  This will be more prevalent as the puppy gets older.  The crescents will either be gray in color (puppy on the right) or brown/sable in color (puppy below).

Puppies can either be born with a brown tint to their coats, or they can appear black at birth.  As the “black” coated puppies get older, brown/reddish highlights will appear in the coat, especially in the sunlight.